IOE is the achronym of "Input Output Exception"

IOE is a site specific portfolio. All the pictures are taken into the Duomo of Milano. I'm not much concerned about the architecture thoug, I try to observe people taking pictures with their mobiles. They move their arms and bodies looking for the best picture framing. They chase the natural light diffused by the stain-glass colored windows and fix it through the monitors. Sometime they are still as marble statues or they looks like inspired dancers or actors. Despite of different culture, race or religion, people looks like to play the same ritual : they raise the media in front of their face like divine relics as if they were enjoying a sort of religious ecstasy.
IOE is part of a wider long term project investigating how the new media shape our experience and the perception of the places.

Input Output Exception is a limited fine art photography portfolio.
Edition : 3 + 2 a.p. Archival Pigmented Fine Art Prints on Fine art Paper .
Dimensions : 2 sizes each edition - 50 x 75 cm | 80 x 120 cm.