MRE is the acronym of "Missing Resource Exception".

The project deals with the overlooked peripheral landscape of Milan where I live. I take the pictures when I commute to the big city. This is not a contemplative approach to landscape because commuters are always too much in hurry to be contemplative. Higher buildings' roofs stuffed with satellite parabolic antennas, waste incinerators chimneys, telecommunication lattice towers or other very high structures of this territory either partially or completely perceptible from very long distances are the subjects. Not any vertical line correction, not any noise reduction nor particular tonal nor colour improvement have been introduced in the post processing. Details and colours are ‘Missing Resources' in this portfolio which includes specific digital sensor noise patterns and shows very unreal colours.

Missing Resource Exception is a limited Fine Art Photography edition.
Edition : 3 + 2 a.p. Archival Pigmented Fine Art Prints on Fine art Paper .
Dimensions : 2 sizes each edition - 50 x 75 cm | 80 x 120 cm.