NPE is the acronym of 'Null Pointer Exception' (*)

Empty advertising panel, their implicit meaning is missing, they lost (or never had) the function becoming the 'message' themselves. Not any object to refer to, not any advertising message to show : this is the exceptional event nowadays. The absence of the content, the impossible absence of communication could be skipped as the 'null' message is becoming the real message.

(*) In computer science, a 'Pointer' is a programming language data type whose value refers directly to (or "points to") another value stored elsewhere in the computer memory using its address. Pointers are so commonly used as references that sometimes people use the word "pointer" to refer to references in general; A 'Null pointer' refers to no object. Because it refers to nothing, an attempt to dereference a null pointer can cause a 'Null Pointer Exception' : a new entity which could prevent from run-time error that usually terminates the program immediately.

NPE are "hybrid digital images". 120 (6X7 cm) Colour negative films were scanned with an hi-res drum scanner. Images were imported into Photoshop and they were printed out Museum-quality Digital Lambda prints on Kodak ENDURA paper.

Null Pointer Exception is a limited editionFine Art Photography Portfolio of 10 images.
Edition : 3 + 2 a.p. Lambda prints on Photographic Kodak Endura Paper
Dimensions : 2 sizes 60 X 70 cm - 120 X 140 cm.